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Between Bozen and Augsburg, between print and graphics – between tradition and innovation

Our story is truly hot off the press! Creativity is our business – especially in our own advertising agency. We can also offer you bespoke solutions for print products, including packaging, all just for you. We are LONGO – for over 60 years now the people to contact for every aspect of print, prepress, creative and packaging.

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For us there is only one way: a solution- and customer-oriented approach, as this is the right way to go – as we have seen in over six decades in the printing industry. Offset and digital printing, fine art and online printing: we develop our own print strategies and methods to provide you with exactly the right high-end result that you expect from premium printworks. We do not merely rest on our successes – we build on them!

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Our in-house advertising agency specializes in ensuring your enterprise can fully express itself: we take care of brand building, advertising campaigns, corporate design and everything else, both for you and especially with you. From logo to imagery to distribution: LONGO Creative will give your business form and colour – in every sense.

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The packaging is the first impression your customer gets of your product. The feel, the design, the handling must all be standardized: and we know exactly which packaging you should use to reach your target group. Corporate packaging will also take full account of factors such as protection during transportation, sustainability and smart individual solutions. Because, just as clothes make the person, packaging makes the product!

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Colour management, retouching, layout and make-up all require precision in order to produce a high-quality print product. We therefore provide continuous training for our prepress employees to ensure the best conditions for your printing. You can bring us your own print data, or we can create it in-house – as a company that originally started out in litho and repro printing, we have practically unlimited experience of prepress. It is our guarantee of uncompromisingly good print results!

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